Mitschrift einer FreeBSD-Installation





Wie der Name bereits sagt enthält die Datei menu das Menü von fluxbox.


Anbei das Standardmenü

# Generated by fluxbox-generate_menu
# If you read this it means you want to edit this file manually, so here
# are some useful tips:
# - You can add your own menu-entries to ~/.fluxbox/usermenu
# - If you miss apps please let me know and I will add them for the next
#   release.
# - The -r option prevents removing of empty menu entries and lines which
#   makes things much more readable.
# - To prevent any other app from overwriting your menu
#   you can change the menu name in ~/.fluxbox/init to:
#     session.menuFile: ~/.fluxbox/my-menu
[begin] (Fluxbox-1.1.1)
[encoding] {de_DE.UTF-8}
      [exec] (xterm) {xterm}
      [exec] () {}
[submenu] (Terminals)
      [exec]   (xterm) {xterm}
[submenu] (Net)
\t[exec]   (Firefox) {firefox3}
[submenu] (FTP)
      [exec]   (pftp) {xterm -e pftp}
      [exec]   (ftp) {xterm -e ftp}
[submenu] (Editors)
      [exec]   (gvim) {gvim}
      [exec]   (evim) {evim}
      [exec]   (vim) {xterm -e vim}
      [exec]   (vi) {xterm -e vi}
[submenu] (Multimedia)
[submenu] (Graphics)
      [exec]   (ee) {ee}
[submenu] (X-utils)
      [exec] (Reload .Xdefaults) {xrdb -load $HOME/.Xdefaults}
[submenu] (Office)
      [exec]   (xcalc) {xcalc}
[submenu] (Games)
      [exec]   (enigma) {enigma}
[submenu] (System Tools)
      [exec]   (top) {xterm -e top}
[submenu] (Fluxbox menu)
      [config] (Configure)
[submenu] (System Styles) {Choose a style...}
      [stylesdir] (/usr/local/share/fluxbox/styles)
[submenu] (User Styles) {Choose a style...}
      [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
      [workspaces] (Workspace List)
[submenu] (Window Managers)
      [restart] (twm) {twm}
      [commanddialog] (Fluxbox Command)
      [reconfig] (Reload config)
      [restart] (Restart)
      [exec] (About) {(fluxbox -v; fluxbox -info | sed 1d) | xmessage -file - -center}
      [exit] (Exit)
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